Thursday, November 19, 2009

Classic Bikes With Wicker Baskets

Bike BasketClassic Bikes With Wicker Baskets

Bicycles are not only functions as a means of transportation. We have many designs bicycle equipped with baskets for carrying items such as books, fruits, food, pets such as dogs, etc.
Bicycle basket is a means of transportation without the fuel that is quite popular in the world. Lots of design models specifically for the bicycle basket which you can see in bike shops. Each design has a material, function and different models. As an example of this bicycle basket, it has a collapsible handle and two plastic-covered metal hooks that allow it to slip easily over the handle bars. This unique basket is woven of the highest grade willow with metal reinforcement to give it the strength and durability necessary to carry heavy loads.
With the design of this bicycle basket, everyone can understand that the function rather than a bicycle not only as a means of transportation that is free from air pollution, but the bicycle basket can also help you to carry your luggage. So for those of you who enjoy traveling by bike and always brings the goods or pets such as dogs or cats, then a bike like this could ease the burden of carrying your goods.